The Problem

In Ontario, the tow surf season is short - mid June to the end of August. 

Launching a new brand requires an enormous amount of time, money and effort. Attending trade shows, weekend events and maintaining a social media presence is all consuming during the season. 

Retailing through dealers increases sales numbers but decreases total margin. All the profits were going back into inventory, sales and promotional activities.

Each board takes about 5 hours to produce. Fulfilling orders, attending events, practising and developing a social media presence left little time for family and friends.

Obeche is the blonde African hardwood that I use in the construction of the alaia Muskoka Surfboard. It is a light weight hardwood, repels water, is easy to saw, glue, plane and sand and doesn't sliver or warp. It has a natural raised grain that provides traction when wet. When I started in 2010, there were 5 suppliers of Obeche in the United States and Canada. As of last fall, there are none. The remaining 30 blanks that I have are all that is left. Substitution of another species would require a complete reboot of the design process.......unfortunately, that is not an option. 

Established in 2010, The Muskoka Surfboard Company was conceived in Newport Beach, CA while I was learning how to surf. Being an ex-waterskier, I loved the experience of being bare foot on a surf craft. Fully aware of wake surfing but lacking a sufficient boat, I endeavoured to combine water skiing and surfing behind small horsepower boats with hand shaped retro wood alaia boards.

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